Conferences – Brazil – SEP 2017

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We are thank you to all the students that did contact us at the Eduexpo in Sao Paulo, at the PUC of Goias and at Infnet in Rio de Janeiro, also special thank you to LRSD to be part at the Eduexpo, to Hellen Costa from Red River College to be part of our conference in Goias and to Fabiano Maciel from Langara College to be part of our conference at ECDD in Rio de Janeiro. Also thank you to all the institutions that support us with material for these events.

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Conferences – Lima Peru – SEP 2017

We would like to thank you the Peruvian students that did contact us at the Eduexpo at the UofM booth and thank you Melissa to accept the invitation to be part of our conference at the NM Hotel in Lima and thank you to all the Canadian institutions that offer a support and send material to our conferences in Lima. Also big thank you to the coordinator of the UCAL educational fair in Lima.


EduExpo Peru SEP 2016

Thank you very much for the welcome in Lima-Peru. Very nice experience and results at Edu-expo fair and Ucal fair. Thank you to Matter Admirabilis school, Chamber of Commerce and friends. We are happy to help Peruvian students to study in Canada!



Fantastic networking with schools from Canada and around the world.


Conferences – Lima-Peru – APR 2016

Our first conferences in Lima, Peru at the Catholic University PUCP, Senati (technical school), Hotel NM in San Isidro and Coffee meeting with group of friends. Thank you The Chamber of Commerce of Canada / Peru for your support and logistic. This year 2016 our company started to offer the best schools in 3 main cities in Canada. Our special star was Manitoba we show this new destination with a great potential and benefits for our students.



UK Aplha 2015

We had a pleasure to be present at the Alpha 2015 in UK, and talk with great language schools from all around the world


Eduexpo Peru SEP 2015

Overseas Frontiers had a pleasure to work with the Government of Manitoba International Education Branch at the Eduexpo in Lima-Peru, thank you for your support! we also invited the PUCP students to our conference at the Eduexpo. Was a pleasure to work with the Manitoba Schools delegation on that day: UofM, UofW, LRSD




Conference Goias 2015

Overseas Frontiers organized conferences in Goias at PUC of Goias and at the IPH of Goias (Prof Edson Negreiros). Thank you all and RRC for your conference!



Conference Porto Alegre 2015

We organized a conference at PUC of RS and we invited RRC as a featured of the conference.



Conference Brasilia2015

We organized a conference at the University of Brasilia and we had a good results, we invited RRC to be part of the conference