We have the pleasure to do a webinar on Friday JAN 22 and talk about the promotion that TLG have for international students. Promotion of English Online is $99 CAD per week.

UPP – Pathway with around 30 universities and Colleges in Canada and in the world, that recognizing the Pathway certificate, so you don’t need to do IELTS or TOELF, just the pathway at TLG in order to entry into the institution

In the $99 CAD per week you will have:

  • 120 minutes of Classes online face-to-face virtual with English teacher
  • 40 minutes of group session activities
  • LTG live self-study resources
  • Supervised assessments
  • Personalized academy counselling in case that needs to improve your English

You can start any second Monday, every 2 weeks and you can start in one of the 3 groups: 7am, 11 am or 7pm (Toronto time). There are up to 6 levels of Patwhay – UPP and you can advanced your level in 8 weeks. UPP partner’s PDF

You just need to do the Assessment test online and the interview online and with that results (you have to send to us) we can tell you how long you need to study English for a pathway. TLG Free Test online

Please find here our video that we did with TLG with translation in Spanish