ILAC PPP (Public Private Partnership) in partnerships with Georgian College at the Toronto campus and with Sterling College and RDC at the Vancouver campus, ILAC PPP offers programs for international students with PGWP and Co-op. In addition, ILAC PPP offers scholarship between $1,000 and $3,000 CAD per year if you do your registration with Overseas Frontiers.

Overseas Frontiers do FREE consultation and we can enroll you in one of these programs at ILAC PPP:

  • At ILAC PPP with Sterling College at Vancouver campus, you can do Health Care practice & Management! This is for international trained nurses.
  • At ILAC PPP with RDC at Vancouver campus, you can do IT programs with PGWP and Co-op in Network Communication and Software Developer.
  • At ILAC PPP with Georgian College at Toronto campus, you can do Diploma in Business (2 years), post-graduation in Global Business Management (2 years) or post-graduations in Human Resources Management or Project Management (1 years).

If you are interesting in contact us and request information please fill out this form of FREE consultation, click here.

We can also make your enrollment pathway if you need to learn English before your academic program. Program prices range from $31,577 CAD to $35,568 for 2-year programs or $17,351 CAD for 1-year postgraduate programs. The Health Care management program is $28,578 for 2 years of program.

If you do your registration with Overseas Frontiers you don’t need to pay the $100 CAD o registration fee and after the application in your approval you need to pay $2,000 CAD of tuition deposit to get your LOA.

Please check out the video of our webinar in Spanish that we did on JUN 2021