FREE CONSULTATION. We would like to know you better in order to give you the best options for you to study in Canada. We are an International Student Agency with office in Canada. We can help you with your registration in the school for free. We have agreement with Institutes and Universities across Canada, and they pay us to help you with consultation and registration process. We are here to help you!

The advantages to come as an international student in Canada are:
  • The student can bring his wife or husband with work permit to work full time
  • The student can work part time while doing studies
  • Their kids under 18 years old can study for free in a public school
  • Beside that the student can work full time after graduation and this PGWP can be from 1 up to 3 years and after one year of full time work the student can apply to PR (Permanent Residence) if desired to stay in Canada. After you select the plan of study that we are going to send you we can put you in contact with our immigration consultant to help you with your visa process.

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    Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
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    Do you have money to cover your expenses/studies in Canada? You must demonstrate to the Canadian Embassy that you have $20,635 (student) + $4,000 (for spouse) + $3,000 (for each child) + First year of Tuition (all in Canadian dollars)
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    Comment:(write here your questions and let us know the name of the program that you would like to study in Canada)