FIC – Fraser International College offers to you the first year of SFU Bachelor’s degree in a more personalized environment within the SFU campus, this is your pathway for SFU in Vancouver, BC. Download PDF about FIC.

FIC only accepts students who want to study an undergraduate course at SFU, recently graduated from high school, or who have not completed 15 credits in college yet. FCI does not work with master’s degrees.

SFU is # 1 at Comprehensive University in Canada by Maclean’s in 2020. It offers more than 150 programs including:

  • Business (top in the world)
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Social Sciences
  • Computing (top 75 in the world)
  • Cinema, Dance, theater and Visual arts

Overseas Frontiers can assist you with registration and free consultation, we speak Spanish, Portuguese and English:

Video of the virtual conference on JUN 08 in Spanish