Contact us by our Free Consultation Form, we can help you to register at “Sheridan College” the best college in Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville, ON. Here you will find the PDF with the list of the courses: PDF in Spanish

The tuition fees for Diploma and Advance Diploma de 2 anos from $17,800 to $19,000 in 2 semestre per year, Graduate Certificate from $21,000 to $24,500 in 3 semestre. Almost all programs offer Co-op.

The most popular programs at Sheridan are:
Business, Engineering Sciences
Film, TV and Journalism
Animation and Game Design
Applied Health, Skilled Trades
Architectural Studies
Visual and Performing Arts
Design, Illustration and Photography
Applied Computing, Education
Chemical & Environmental Sciences
Community Studies & Social Sciences

Sheridan launches Guaranteed International Scholarship for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 intake:

All new international students beginning studies in Post-Secondary programs and Post Graduate Certificate programs in the September 2021 or January 2022 semesters will receive a minimum $1,000 entrance scholarship.

Students who are citizens of Colombia, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and Philippines and registering in the following programs may receive an upgraded entrance scholarship up to $2,000 (total):

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management (PADMK/PAMCM)
  • Architecture Technician/Technology (PATCN/PARTY)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (PBENE)
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (PBENM)
  • Business Diploma Programs: Business, Accounting, Marketing, Finance Human Resources (PBUSS/PBUSA/PBSAA/PBSAC/PBUMK/PBAMC/PBAMK/PBUFI/PBAFC/PBAFI/PBUHR/PBAHC/PBAHR)
  • Business Degree Programs: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources & Supply Chain Management (PBACC/PBBAF/PBBAM/ PRHRM/PBSCM), Community and Justice Services (PCAJS)
  • Computer Engineering Technician/Technology (PCPEN/PCPET)
  • Electronics Engineering Technician/Technology (PEETN/PELTY)
  • Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology (PELTN/PEMTY)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology (PMETN/PMETY)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology -Design (PMETD/PMEDD)
  • Paralegal (PARAL)
  • Welding Techniques/Welding & Fabrication Technician (PWLDT/PWLFT)

*Disbursement of all entrance scholarships will be split over the first two semesters of study. For example, if awarded a $1,000 entrance scholarship the student will receive $500 in their first semester and $500 in their second semester.

Students must be registered as a full-time student in a post-secondary program (ESL program excluded) for their first 2 semesters of study to receive their full entrance scholarship amount. The scholarship funds will be credited to their student account.

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