Spanish Course


Here you have the unique opportunity to study Spanish, immersed in Peruvian culture!

You can still do other super cool activities, such as the Quechua Language Course, workshops on Latin American Culture and Peruvian and free daily activities (readings, Rafting, Latin American Cinema, Salsa Classes, Peruvian cuisine, plus Peru Tours – how to Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puno and Arequipa).

All programs are offered at three locations: the beautiful city of Cusco, the pictures Sacred Valley of the Incas and the unforgettable Jungle of Manu. In Cuzco, we offer different accommodation options and, for all concerned, great volunteer opportunities! Definitely the best way to learn Spanish quickly!

The best programs are not only for young people who want and seek this experience abroad. The program covers all ages! Just want to learn something new and embark on with Overseas Frontiers!

Meet cities and Peruvian culture while studying is with the Overseas Frontiers!
We offer special courses that fit the goals of our students: Summer courses, intensive, semi-intensive or facing the university are available.

International Certificates: We offer preparatory courses for the exam, official certificate levels of Spanish language.

We have for you: travel + accommodation + airfare !!!

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