Welcome and thank you to our Overseas Frontiers Students that are in Ontario, @overseas.frontiers invite our students in Ontario to a LIVE DRAW on JUN 06 at 7pm (Toronto time). Students with family or singles that live in Ontario can win 2 free weeks of English online at Hansa @hansacanada and students with family or couples that live in Toronto can win and get a Family Treat Basket in Toronto. You need to confirm your participation into the Draw up to JUN 05 by fill out this form below and more info by WhatsApp 1 204 6126941:

    Your full name (requerido)

    Your e-mail (requerido)

    What year did you arrived in Ontario? (requerido)

    Phone, Whats-App: (requerido)

    In What institution and program did you study?

    Are you Overseas Frontiers student in person in Ontario? (requerido)

    In whish draw do you would like to participate, choose one?: (requerido)